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Key Features

OSACAD is committed to bringing you the best learning experience with high-standard features including

Key Features
Real-time Practice Labs

Learning by doing is what we believe. State-of-the-art labs to facilitate competent training.

Key Features
Physical & Virtual Online Classrooms

Providing the flexibility to learn from our classrooms or anywhere you wish considering these turbulent times.

Key Features
24/7 Support On Slack

Technical or Technological, we give you assistance for every challenge you face round-the-clock.

Key Features
Job Interview & Assistance

Guiding in & out, until you get placed in your dream job.

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Live projects with our industry partners

An inside look & feel at industry environments by handling real-time projects.

Key Features
Internship after course

Opportunity to prove your talent as an intern at our partner firms and rope for permanent jobs.

Why Python ?

Why Data Science
Multiple Programming Paradigms

Python has the upper hand when it comes to supporting a number of programming paradigms like object-oriented programming, functional programming, empirical programming, and structured programming.

Why Data Science
Web Testing

Python is the best choice for programmers in testing website applications and other related web interfaces before launching it on live sites to avoid bugs and errors

Why Data Science
Data Extraction

Another beautiful feature of Python is Data Extraction or Web Scraping. It is a process to retrieve and organize data from different sources on the web and turn them into valuable ones.

Who is This program for

  • Web developers, programmers, engineers, big data scientists, etc
  • Professionals who want to strengthen their knowledge of Python
  • Suited for beginners and experienced professionals
Who is this program


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos,
cases and projects, assignments and live sessions.


  • Why Python Is Hot.
  • Choosing the Right Python.
  • Tools for Success.
  • An excellent, free learning environment.
  • Installing Anaconda and VS Code.
  • Writing Python in VS Code.
  • Choosing your Python interpreter
  • Writing some Python code.
  • Getting back to VS Code Python
  • Using Jupyter Notebook for Coding
  • Using Python Interactive Mode.
  • Opening Terminal.
  • Getting your Python version .
  • Going into the Python Interpreter .
  • Entering commands.
  • Using Python’s built-in help.
  • Exiting interactive help.
  • Searching for specific help topics online.
  • Lots of free cheat sheets .
  • Creating a Python Development Workspace.
  • Creating a Folder for your Python Code .
  • Typing, Editing, and Debugging Python Code.
  • Writing Python code.
  • Saving your code.
  • Running Python in VS Code.
  • Simple debugging.
  • The VS Code Python debugger .
  • Writing Code in a Jupyter Notebook.
  • Creating a folder for Jupyter Notebook.
  • Creating and saving a Jupyter notebook.
  • Typing and running code in a notebook .
  • Adding some Markdown text.
  • Saving and opening notebooks.
  • The Zen of Python.
  • Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Indentations Count, Big Time .
  • Using Python Modules.
  • Syntax for importing modules.
  • Using an alias with modules .
  • Open the Python App File .
  • Typing and Using Python Comments.
  • Understanding Python Data Types.
  • Numbers.
  • Words (strings).
  • True/false Booleans .
  • Doing Work with Python Operators.
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Comparison operators.
  • Boolean operators.
  • Creating and Using Variables.
  • Creating valid variable names.
  • Creating variables in code.
  • Manipulating variables.
  • Saving your work.
  • Running your Python app in VS Code.
  • What Syntax Is and Why It Matters.
  • Putting Code Together.


  • Calculating Numbers with Functions.
  • Still More Math Functions .
  • Formatting Numbers .
  • Formatting with f-strings .
  • Showing dollar amounts.
  • Formatting percent numbers .
  • Making multiline format strings .
  • Formatting width and alignment.
  • Grappling with Weirder Numbers.
  • Binary, octal, and hexadecimal numbers.
  • Complex numbers.
  • Manipulating Strings.
  • Concatenating strings.
  • Getting the length of a string.
  • Working with common string operators.
  • Manipulating strings with methods .
  • Uncovering Dates and Times.
  • Working with dates.
  • Working with times.
  • Calculating timespans.
  • Accounting for Time Zones .
  • Working with Time Zones.
  • Main Operators for Controlling the Action .
  • Making Decisions with if.
  • Adding else to your if login.
  • Handling multiple else’s with elif.
  • Ternary operations.
  • Repeating a Process with for.
  • Looping through numbers in a range .
  • Looping through a string.
  • Looping through a list.
  • Bailing out of a loop .
  • Looping with continue
  • Nesting loops.
  • Looping with while .
  • Starting while loops over with continue.
  • Breaking while loops with break.
  • Defining and Using Lists.
  • Referencing list items by position.
  • Looping through a list
  • Seeing whether a list contains an item. . . .
  • Getting the length of a list.
  • Adding an item to the end of a list.
  • Inserting an item into a list .
  • Changing an item in a list.
  • Combining list
  • Removing Removing list items.
  • Clearing out a list.
  • Counting how many times an item appears in a list .
  • Finding an list item’s index.
  • Alphabetizing and sorting lists. . . . . .
  • Reversing a list.
  • Copying a list .
  • What’s a Tuple and Who Cares? .
  • Working with Sets.
  • Creating a Data Dictionary.
  • Accessing dictionary data.
  • Getting the length of a dictionary.
  • Seeing whether a key exists in a dictionary
  • Getting dictionary data with get().
  • Changing the value of a key.
  • Adding or changing dictionary data.
  • Looping through a Dictionary.
  • Data Dictionary Methods.
  • Copying a Dictionary.
  • Deleting Dictionary Items.
  • Using pop() with Data Dictionaries.
  • Fun with Multi-Key Dictionaries.
  • Using the mysterious fromkeys and setdefault methods.
  • Nesting Dictionaries
  • Creating a Function.
  • Commenting a Function.
  • Passing Information to a Function.
  • Defining optional parameters with defaults.
  • Passing multiple values to a function.
  • Using keyword arguments (kwargs).
  • Passing multiple values in a list.
  • Passing in an arbitrary number of arguments .
  • Returning Values from Functions.
  • Unmasking Anonymous Functions.
  • Mastering Classes and Objects.
  • Creating a Class.
  • How a Class Creates an Instance .
  • Giving an Object Its Attributes.
  • Creating an instance from a class.
  • Changing the value of an attribute.
  • Defining attributes with default values .
  • Giving a Class Methods.
  • Passing parameters to methods.
  • Calling a class method by class name .
  • Using class variables.
  • Using class methods.
  • Using static methods .
  • Understanding Class Inheritance
  • Creating the base (main) class.
  • Defining a subclass.
  • Overriding a default value from a subclass.
  • Adding extra parameters from a subclass.
  • Calling a base class method.
  • Using the same name twice.
  • Understanding Exceptions
  • Handling Errors Gracefully.
  • Being Specific about Exceptions.
  • Keeping Your App from Crashing.
  • Adding an else to the Mix.
  • Using try . . . except . . . else . . . finally.
  • Raising Your Own Errors


  • Understanding Text and Binary Files.
  • Opening and Closing Files.
  • Reading a File’s Contents.
  • Looping through a File.
  • Looping with readlines().
  • Looping with readline().
  • Appending versus overwriting files.
  • Using tell() to determine the pointer location.
  • Moving the pointer with seek().
  • Reading and Copying a Binary File.
  • Conquering CSV Files .
  • Opening a CSV file.
  • Converting strings.
  • Converting to integers .
  • Converting to date.
  • Converting to Boolean
  • Converting to floats.
  • From CSV to Objects and Dictionaries.
  • Importing CSV to Python objects.
  • Importing CSV to Python dictionaries.
  • Organizing JSON Data.
  • Understanding Serialization .
  • Loading Data from JSON Files.
  • Converting an Excel date to a JSON date.
  • Looping through a keyed JSON file.
  • Converting firebase timestamps to Python dates .
  • Loading unkeyed JSON from a Python string .
  • Loading keyed JSON from a Python string.
  • Changing JSON data .
  • Removing data from a dictionary.
  • Dumping Python Data to JSON.
  • How the Web Works.
  • Understanding the mysterious URL.
  • Exposing the HTTP headers.
  • Opening a URL from Python .
  • Posting to the Web with Python.
  • Scraping the Web with Python .
  • Parsing part of a page.
  • Storing the parsed content
  • Saving scraped data to a JSON file .
  • Saving scraped data to a CSV file .
  • Understanding the Python Standard Library .
  • Using the dir() function.
  • Using the help() function .
  • Exploring built-in functions .
  • Exploring Python Packages .
  • Importing Python Modules .
  • Making Your Own Modules.
Hours of Content
Case Study & Projects
Live Sessions
Coding Assignments
Capstone Projects to Choose From
Tools, Languages & Libraries

Languages and Tools covered

Languages and Tools covered Languages and Tools covered Languages and Tools covered Languages and Tools covered Languages and Tools covered Languages and Tools covered

Hands On Projects

Message Encode Decode in Python

Secure sensitive information by encoding messages. The objective of this project is to encode (or encrypt) and decode messages using a common key. This Python project will be built using Tkinter and base64 library

Website Blocker

Build an application that can be used to block certain websites from opening. This is a very helpful program for students who want to focus on studies and don’t want any other distractions like social media.

Currency Converter in Python

Develop an exciting python project through which you can convert currencies. This is an intermediate level python project which will boost your confidence. For a user interface, we can use tkinter API


Our training is based on latest cutting-edge infrastructure technology which makes you ready for the industry.Osacad will Present this certificate to students or employee trainees upon successful completion of the course which will encourage and add to trainee’s resume to explore a lot of opportunities beyond position

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  • Learn Best Python Coding Practices

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